Employing authorities

Definitions of an employing authority

An employing authority for a school is the person or entity responsible for the appointment of teachers to teach at the school. Employing authorities are required to notify the QCT of particular allegations and dismissals under the Act.

Your obligations

You may be prosecuted if you fail to provide full notification as defined in the Act.

If you are an employing authority responsible for appointing teachers to your staff you are obliged under the Act to inform us

  • about particular allegations
    • as soon as possible, after starting to deal with an allegation of harm or likely harm to a child due to the teacher’s conduct - section 76 of the Act refers
  • about the outcome of particular allegations
    • after dealing with the allegation; you must also inform us of the outcome - section 77 of the Act refers
  • about certain dismissals
    • you must notify us within 14 days if you have dismissed a teacher in circumstances that call the teacher's competence to be employed as a teacher into question - section 78 of the Act refers.

Further information

Section 81 of the Act provides protection from civil, criminal or administrative liability for employing authorities giving the notice.

Employing authority notifications - information sheet (PDF, 288KB).

Employing authority notifications - guidelines (PDF, 188KB).


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