Returning to Teaching programs

Unsure how the Returning to Teaching (RTT) condition works?
Watch the video: The Returning to Teaching condition explained

There are three ways you can meet requirements to have the RTT condition removed from your registration:

  • Complete 20 hours of required RTT professional development for free through your myQCT account, record it in your CPD records, and apply to have the condition removed.
  • Complete an RTT program endorsed by the QCT and provide notice of successful completion.
  • Complete an employer-based RTT pathway and provide a notice from a Principal or Director (if an early childhood and care service) of successful completion.

Individual QCT RTT pathway

This pathway is free and is available in your myQCT account. It includes completion of the mandatory, context/role specific, and teacher specific elements, totalling 20 hours of RTT professional development.

Once they have been completed and recorded in your CPD records in your myQCT account, you can apply to the QCT to review your RTT condition. Please go to the Returning to Teaching section in your myQCT account for full details.

Endorsed RTT programs

Endorsed programs are provided by the following providers and vary in delivery mode and cost. Contact the provider/s directly for more information or to enrol.

  1. Australian Catholic University - Return to Teaching in Schools
  2. Department of Education - Restart Teaching (This program is not available semester one 2024 as it is under review).

Employer-based RTT pathway

The employer-based pathway involves completion of the RTT professional development program through a range of activities that may be offered by your school or employer. Utilising this pathway involves your employer completing a form which declares that the required elements of the RTT professional development program have been completed.

You can apply to review your condition through your myQCT account.


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