The QCT is the regulator of the teaching profession.  It promotes, monitors and enforces compliance with the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005 (the Act).

Its Regulatory Compliance Framework (PDF, 62KB) promotes voluntary compliance. It also lists the options available to the QCT to respond to any compliance issue.

The Act prescribes penalties for various breaches by a person, a teacher, or an employing authority. These are listed in QCT's Compliance Management Strategy (PDF, 94KB).

Compliance investigations

The QCT has the power to undertake investigations to assess whether teachers, schools and various authorities are complying with the provisions of the Act.

In order to determine compliance with the requirement that only approved teachers can be employed to teach in Queensland schools, the QCT carries out an annual investigation of the employment records of a sample of Queensland schools.

The QCT has published a position paper to assist school principals and employing authorities to follow the requirement to employ only approved teachers in schools.

Only approved teachers can teach in prescribed schools in Queensland (PDF, 636KB).

Further information

To ensure an employee is an approved teacher, check the Register of Teachers.

For enquiries about employing only approved teachers contact the QCT.

Census of teachers in schools

The QCT conducts an annual census of all teachers employed in Queensland schools, to ensure that all teachers are registered.

Principals in non-state schools or their delegates must complete the online census to record current staff employed at the school.

The QCT relies on a centralised data exchange for state schools census data. 

To complete the census login to the schools’ myQCT account and follow the prompts.

For more information including which teachers to add or remove, please read the Census Quick Tips (PDF, 301KB).


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