CPD resources and activities

Continuing professional development (CPD) comprises active and reflective engagement in a range of professional experiences that are supplementary to your day-to-day responsibilities as a teacher. Professional development is intended to enhance your skills, knowledge and understanding, in order to enhance student learning outcomes.

You can access relevant professional development information and opportunities from a range of sources including those listed below.

QCT activities and resources

The QCT provides access to a range of resources to enhance teaching and learning, and interpretation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

Statutory authorities and government organisations

Online video and training resources

  • Child protection for teachers – free short course for teachers and school staff wishing to learn about how child abuse and neglect affects children’s learning, why abuse occurs, and how to recognise signs of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and neglect
  • Teachers TV – Australia
  • Practice exemplars – National Improvement Hub, Scotland
  • OLT - Special Educational Needs courses (for Queensland state school teachers)
  • Positive Partnerships – supporting school age students on the autism spectrum
  • BRITE – Building resilience in teacher education: Five online interactive learning modules focussed on building resilience, relationships, wellbeing, taking initiative and emotions - designed primarily for preservice teachers but of interest to all teachers

Australian educational research and professional development resources

  • Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)
  • Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
  • Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA)
  • Education Resources Information Centre (ERIC)


Disclaimer: The QCT does not necessarily endorse any of the organisations or resources listed above. The links are provided as a service to assist you with information about CPD activities.


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