Permission to teach

Approved teachers

Only approved teachers may undertake the duties of a teacher in a state or non-state school in Queensland. Approved teachers include registered teachers and persons approved to teach under Permission to teach (PTT). Holders of a PTT are not registered teachers. PTT approval is granted within strict parameters.

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When a PTT application is required

An application for PTT is required where an employing authority or school -

  • has a vacant teaching position, is unable to find an appropriate registered teacher for the position, and wants to employ in the position a person who is not eligible for registration as a teacher
  • considers that the person has the knowledge, qualifications, skills or training relevant to the vacant teaching position
  • wants to engage the person for the delivery and/or assessment of student participation in an educational program which is either based on the national curriculum developed and administered by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority or is a syllabus developed, revised or purchased for a senior subject or P-10 subjects by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Applying for PTT

For a person to apply for PTT, the employing authority or school must make an online declaration to the QCT about the position. The declaration must include the name and contact details of the person they want to employ. Once an employer declaration is received the QCT will contact the nominated person by email with log in details and instructions on how to submit a PTT application online. Further information via email, including a checklist of documents and confirmation page will be sent when the application is submitted.

Summary of application process

  • Non-state school principal or authorised signatory in the Department of Education and Training submits an online employer declaration via the PTT tab on their school or organisation’s myQCT account
  • QCT emails the nominated person with information on how to submit a PTT application online
  • Applicant submits PTT application
  • QCT notifies school or employing authority of submission
  • QCT notifies applicant of required documents and submission procedures
  • Applicant or school/employing authority pays PTT application fee
  • QCT commences assessment of eligibility for PTT once fees are paid and completed forms and documents have been received
  • If approved, the applicant and employing authority and/or school will be notified by email and a PTT approval notice and certificate will be emailed to the applicant

Assessment of a PTT application

An application can only be assessed once all required information and documents have been received from the employing authority or school, and the PTT applicant, and the fee has been received.

Consideration of eligibility for PTT will include -

  • evidence that no 'appropriate' registered teacher is available for the position
  • evidence that a nominated PTT applicant has the knowledge, qualifications, skills or training relevant to the teaching position on offer
  • evidence an applicant is suitable to teach

Other eligibility considerations may include

  • evidence of English language proficiency

Preservice teachers

The QCT has developed information to inform decisions and negotiations between stakeholders where a preservice teacher is being employed under a PTT.

Principles for Permission to Teach (PDF, 626KB)


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