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Use your myQCT account to check and maintain the list of approved teachers at your school. Assisting a teacher to progress from provisional to full registration and recording professional development activities for groups of teachers can all be done via your myQCT account

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Register of Teachers

The QCT maintains a register of approved teachers, where you can check that a teacher holds current registration. Persons not holding current registration are prohibited from teaching in Queensland.

Recording school-based CPD activities

You can use your myQCT (Employer Services) account to record school based CPD activities for groups of teachers at your school.

Your reporting obligations

If there is an incident involving a teacher at your school, where due to their conduct a child may be at risk of harm, under the Act you as the employer must inform the QCT. You must also inform us if a teacher is dismissed due to their competence being in question.

Dealing with complaints

Information on the process for dealing with complaints about your school or a teacher, the types of complaints the QCT can deal with, and how the QCT assesses and manages these complaints.

Social media

The QCT is active on Facebook, Twitter, and even has a blog. Come and join the conversation on issues affecting teachers in Queensland

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View videos on topics of interest, such as robotics in the classroom, tips for beginning teachers, support and training on child abuse and neglect, information on teaching awards and more. New videos are added regularly so don’t forget to subscribe for notifications.
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QCT regularly videos teachers in schools as part of its professional development resources. In our latest series, watch beginning teachers in action as they bring to life the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. You can volunteer to participate, and share your story on video with the support of Filmpond and the QCT. Watch current Filmpond clips.

QCT information events - workshops and web conferences

The QCT runs face to face workshops and online web conferences throughout the year covering the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and their application to a range of registration functions and requirements. Check out our Events Portal for more information and dates.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers comprise seven Standards describing what teachers should know and be able to do. They are interconnected, interdependent and reflect the complex role of teaching. The Standards are grouped into the domains of professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement.
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