Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers

The QCT will take on the role of certifying teachers at the two upper levels of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in a pilot program to be conducted in state schools in 2017-18.

The program aims to enhance the capacity of Queensland’s teaching profession by encouraging excellent teachers to stay in the classroom rather than seek promotional opportunities outside it.

To ensure national consistency, rigour, quality, and credibility, the certification process will use national process and quality assurance measures.

As the certifying authority for the pilot process, the QCT will oversee the process and will undertake activities such as maintaining a jurisdictional database of teachers certified, nominating trained assessors to assess applications for certification, ensuring applicants meet the eligibility criteria, endorsing or declining the recommendations of the external assessors based on the certification assessments, and formally certifying successful applicants.

Most other states and territories in Australia have implemented or are trialling processes to certify teachers at the Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher levels of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

The 2015 election policy, ‘Letting Teachers Teach’, commits the Queensland Government to establishing an enhanced and rigorous new teacher classification system and pay structure to include two new classifications reflecting these two levels.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) intends to conduct a pilot in the Far North and North Coast regions initially, to allow for the establishment and evaluation of a rigorous certification system, before broader implementation in 2019.

The pilot is intended to commence with a small number of DET schools in 2017 and expand in 2018 to include a cross-section of various school types and contexts in DET.

More information

For further information please refer to the Information for Prospective Applicants (PDF, 525 Kb)   and also visit AITSL's website.


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