Applying for registration

To teach in a Queensland school you must be approved to teach.

To qualify for registration you need to meet the eligibility requirements or hold current teacher registration in another Australian state or territory, or New Zealand.

Find out more about eligibility requirements.

Find out more about mutual recognition.

Apply for registration online via your myQCT Account. Login and complete the Application for teacher registration. The process requires you to submit supporting documentation, and pay the required fees.

Application steps, fees and timeframes

Potential outcomes of an application

The QCT may determine the outcome of your application in a number of ways.

Full registration

If you are an experienced teacher you may be considered for full registration  provided you meet the experience requirements and can provide supporting documents.

Usually, however, full registration is granted following a period of provisional registration.

More about full registration.

Provisional registration

If you do not meet the experience requirements you will be considered for provisional registration..

More about provisional registration.

Registration with a condition

In some cases registration with a condition is granted. The condition may be necessary to ensure you meet eligibility requirements.

More about registration conditions.

Refused registration

Your application may be refused if it is determined that one or more eligibility requirements are not met.

Review of decisions

If your application is refused you may seek a review of the decision.


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