Becoming a teacher

All teachers in Queensland schools must hold teacher registration with the QCT. To be eligible for registration, you must have appropriate qualifications, meet the English language proficiency requirements (if applicable) and meet the suitability to teach criteria.

You can qualify by studying an initial teacher education program, which incorporates learning how to teach and practical experience in schools. There are many different programs offered by Queensland and interstate universities.

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After your registration has been granted, you are eligible to seek employment in any Queensland school.

Pathways into teaching

There are a number of different pathways to become a teacher in Queensland depending on your previous qualifications and circumstances.

School leavers

Pathways open to school leavers include the following:

Complete an approved four-year undergraduate preservice teacher education degree (e.g. a preservice Bachelor of Education) that includes at least one year of professional studies in education.

Enrol to study two degrees at the same time (dual degree), e.g. a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Education.

Complete an academic degree in a non-education area (e.g. a Bachelor of Science) and then complete an approved postgraduate preservice teacher education degree program (e.g. a Graduate Entry Bachelor of Education or a Graduate Diploma in Education).

People with a degree in a non-education field

Complete an approved postgraduate preservice teacher education degree program (e.g. a Graduate Entry Bachelor of Education or a Graduate Diploma in Education)

People with a vocational qualification

You may be granted credit at a higher education institution for relevant vocational studies, professional experience and training towards an approved undergraduate preservice teacher education degree.

People with interstate qualifications

Preservice teacher education programs undertaken in other Australian states may also be acceptable for teacher registration in Queensland. You can receive advice on suitable preservice teacher education programs by contacting the QCT.

STEM graduates

Talented and experienced science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals and graduates can begin a teaching career with the Department of Education and Training. Visit the Griffith University website for more information.

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Undergraduate entry requirements

Students intending to enter an undergraduate teacher education program commencing in 2016 or later are required to have:

  • at least 'Sound Achievement' in the current QCAA Authority Subject of Senior English, or equivalent subject from another jurisdiction
  • at least 'Sound Achievement' in Mathematics (QCAA Mathematics A and/or B and /or C), or equivalent subject from another jurisdiction.

Students entering undergraduate primary (including early childhood and middle years) programs also require a 'Sound Achievement' in a QCAA Authority Science subject or equivalent subject from another jurisdiction.

These entry requirements apply to initial teacher education applicants completing Year 12 studies in 2015 and beyond.

NOTE: Applicants for primary teacher education programs, other than 2015 school leavers, who are unable to meet the QCAA Authority Science subject (or equivalent) prerequisite must demonstrate an 'acceptable alternative' specified by their preferred teacher education provider.


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