Permission to teach

Approval to teach, in the form of permission to teach (PTT), may be granted in particular situations where an appropriate registered teacher is not available.  PTT is not registration. It cannot be used outside the specific teaching appointment and time frame for which it is granted and has a limited time span.

Situations where PTT may apply

You may be eligible for PTT only if:

  • you are not eligible for registration as a teacher
  • you have a confirmed offer of a teaching position
  • your prospective employer is unable to find an appropriate registered teacher to fill the vacant position
  • you have been offered the position because you have knowledge, qualifications, skills or training in a particular subject area as required for the teaching position.

You do not require PTT if you are:

  • a preservice teacher on professional experience
  • a teacher aide
  • a sports coach
  • an instrumental music instructor
  • an instructor in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.

Applying for permission to teach

You must apply on the Application for permission to teach (PDF, 151KB). The form has an Applicant Section and an Employer Section, and includes full details of the supporting documentation required. The application and documents must be accompanied by the required fee.

Assessment of your application

You must meet the relevant eligibility requirements for PTT, including suitability to teach and English language proficiency. Information on the English language proficiency requirements for permission to teach may be found in the permission to teach policy (PDF, 58KB)

Your application will only be assessed when all required documentation (including documents from the prospective employer) and the fee have been received. The QCT will assess your application as quickly as possible but processing time will depend on the completeness of the application and documentation, the promptness of the fee payment and the outcome of checks on your suitability to teach.

More information

Check the requirements for applicants and employers in the Permission to teach policy (PDF, 58KB)

Application for permission to teach (PDF, 151KB)


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